There is an unlucky number, and there must be a lucky number.

And not a few Chinese people who most believe in this figure, even a number of them can be very fanatical about certain numbers. What does feng shui mean a good fortune in Chinese belief?

Reported from, there are not a few numbers that are felt like good luck according to information from feng shui. Figures 8, 18, 28, 38, 48, 54, 68, 80, 84, 88, 99, 168 and 108 are numbers that are felt as numbers that will bring good luck to their owners.

The reason behind these numbers is that there is an 8 part in it. And number 8 is a good number because the pronunciation in Chinese sounds like ‘faat’ which means prosperity and abundance. You can find the name like fun88, win88 or agen88 which those are provider of online gambling and judi sbobet terpercaya, the number is become more important in gambling world, because gambling itself is consider 80% of luck.

Besides, the format of number 8 that is connected uninterruptedly means that their prosperity will continue, not as continuous as the number 8.

Many Chinese are the most fanatic with the number 8, and they will choose urgent numbers with the number 8 in it. For example, you are selecting a mobile number with the suffix 8, or car number plate 88.

Several cellphone numbers with not a few numbers 8 in it are marketed at the most expensive price. However, this number is still sold because the owner aspires that they will get prosperity and good luck continuously.

Besides that, numbers are interesting and certainly a matter of life, because everything in this world can almost be counted. Based on information from Feng Shui, where Feng in other words Direction and Shui Water (Place), which can be interpreted as a prediction or analysis of the location or direction of several spatial layouts, numbers that are splashed into the environment daily can be a fortune for someone who uses it.

For example, a mobile number, car number, house number, etc. Some people believe that a lucky number (Lucky Number is not a pretty number), can change their life’s fortune. So people incessantly choose lucky numbers and if necessary dig up lucky and pretty numbers. But some people select beautiful numbers but in other words, are not shinny.

In the way of feng shui calculation, the numbers can be interpreted to be this:

  • Number 0: Special, Special, Rare
  • Number 1: One, Only, Me, Myself
  • Number 2: Easy, Easy, Not difficult
  • Number 3: Find, get, live
  • Number 4: Dead, Poor, Difficult
  • Number 5: Never, never, you can’t
  • Number 6: Heading, Will
  • Number 7: Exactly, Lucky, Certainly, or Can be called divine.
  • Number 8: Prosperous
  • Number 9: Long, Success, Long

The results of a combination of numbers can also mean a variety, according to the meaning of Feng Shui for example:

  • Number 328: Finding facilities to prosper.
  • Number 28: Easy to prosper.
  • Number 54: It will not be difficult; it will not be poor.
  • Number 78: It must be prosperous.
  • Number 88: Double assets,
  • Number 888: Rich in terms of the heavens, the earth, and its people
  • Number 889: Wealth gradually leads to prosperity
  • Number 999: Continuous glory
  • Number 389: A new beginning will finally succeed
  • Number 168: Inline leads to wealth
  • Number 369: New things will gradually succeed

The combination of long numbers according to information from Feng Shui

  • 99991111: I succeeded / the only one who succeeded
  • 99992222: Easy to achieve success
  • 99993333: Getting success
  • 99996666: Towards success
  • 99997777: Lucky forever and ever
  • 99998888: The development of his success is endless
  • 99999888: growing continuously
  • 99997788: It must be prosperous
  • 99998899: Eternal prosperity
  • 99996789: Will be shinny and prosper in the old times
  • 99991819: The only prosperous and successful
  • 99998989: Eternal well-being
  • 99992012: 2012 the year of the water dragon
  • 99999991: I succeeded / the only one who succeeded
  • 99999992: Easy success

Results from a combination of numbers shunned:

  • Number 64: in other words, it will be poor.
  • Number 74: in other words, it must be poor.
  • Number 58: in other words, it will not prosper.
  • Number 24: in other words, it easily dies.
  • Number 34: in other words, life is difficult.

The figures that are felt lucky in Feng Shui is something that has a psychological nature without containing a real influence in our lives. In fact, our lucky or good luck is not seldom determined from the three types of good luck that is heaven, earth, and human fortune. Moreover, people always put numbers as a luck sign when playing poker, if they got eight of spades, they brain would think that this game can be won, it’s all in their mind.

When you want to find a number for a number of specific purposes, like no. Telephone or no. Hp is not uncommon to look for numbers that are easily memorized both for ourselves and for others so that your identity is easy to recognize by each person.


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